Owen Attrel

Smartass pilot , Rebel is the truest sense.


Owen was born on Chandrilla. He came from a wealthy family, and had luxuries at his disposal that most people in the galaxy could only dream of. He quickly grew bored of his pampered life and longed to see the stars. The moment he was of age, he joined the Academy. He excelled in his studies and broke countless records in piloting. The Imperials saw his scholarly success and were practically throwing themselves at Owen, offering command positions and entrances into elite squadrons upon his graduation.

Owen saw the treachery of the Empire, the way they treated non humans and how even their own citizens suffered on core worlds. He dropped from the Academy and joined the Rebellion in one fell swoop. He received a job as the main pilot of a heavily modified Corellian Corvette, The Relentless. He ran blockades, performed rescue missions, and caused a heck of a lot of trouble to the Empire. He was having the time of his life. The Blackheart Star Fighter Squadron became deployed on the Relentless, and without Owen, they would have been destroyed countless times.

During one mission, The Blackheart Squadron had to jump to a nearby system to destroy a Tie Fighter Prototype. While the Squadron was away, The Imperials attacked the Relentless and left her crippled. The Captain at the time, Tyal Knila defected from the ship in the heat of the attack and the next in line, Rax Ceriot ordered a wild jump, without any nav computer, into hyperspace to escape the Imperials. The Relentless appeared in unknown space and was lost for nearly two years. During that time Owen blamed the former Captain Knila for being lost, and was frequently at odds with acting Captain Ceriot.

The Darkside Alchemist, Blackhole attacked the Relentless as it approached a small sector of space, called the Ahxure Expanse. His storm troopers killed most of the crew, and took Owen and the Engineer smudge captive, to experiment on them using his force techniques. It wasn’t until a smuggler’s crew, who found the Relentless and made it their home, stumbled upon the cryogenically frozen Owen and released him. With his help, the crew defeated Blackhole and his minions, The Relentless returned to the main galaxy, only to be attacked by a strange bioorganic asteroid, a Yuuzahan Vong scout ship. Owen quickly fell in love with one of the crew, Undina Noell, a young Jedi and the Relentless’ main gunner. Unfortunately his repeated advances fell on deaf ears, as she wanted nothing to do with him.

After limping away from their fight with the Vong, the New Republic became interested in their experience. After questioning the crew, they were enlisted in the New Republic military. Owen was pleased to be fighting for the former Rebellion, although missed the black and white evil that the Empire represented. It wasn’t until the Relentless became under the command of now Commander Tyal Knila. It seemed that Owen wanted to leave the Relentless. He grew tired of the hypocrisy of the New Republic and being under Knila’s command, who he thought a traitor was one of the last straws. Owen longed for the days of fighting the Empire, where good and evil clashed in epic battles and good was always good, and evil was always evil. His frequent fights with the acting Garrison commander, and his repeated failures at seducing Undina did not help his case. The final straw was when Captain Valentine Teff, falling for Undina and Owen walking in on them kissing. Owen quickly packed his things and left in a “borrowed” X-wing. The Garrison commander ordered Owen’s ship to be shot down, as defectors are to be shot, in his opinion. It is unsure if Owen is truly dead, as no body, or wreckage was found.

Owen Attrel

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